Creating Drama in the Kitchen with Matt Finish Glass

Matt Finish Glass - Etchlite

We know that Image Glass can provide you with bold and striking gloss colours, but when you need a subtle statement, or to minimise reflections, consider Matt Finish Glass for your next project.

Ideal for those customers who want deep, rich colours without the shine & reflection. The key is the new low iron Etchlite glass and the results are stunning. 


With no reflection Matt Glass gives true depth of colour that emphasises surface finish. Matt Glass in lighter colours feels opulent and sensuous almost like frosting on a cake.

Working with darker colours the Matt Glass finish takes on a “flannel” appearance.

Matt glass splashback

With hundreds of installations completed, the feedback from customers is overwhelmingly positive and all agree less cleaning is required to hide day to day stains and fingerprints.

Matt Glass is now available in low iron sheets up to 3200mm in length.


Image Glass is here to help you create a unique and customised design for your kitchen project. Request a quote today.