Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a range of common pre-sales questions. Feel free to contact us if you still have unanswered queries.


What colours are available for my splashback

Image Glass offers a comprehensive range of over 70 colours, including flat colours, metallic, pearls and sparkle finishes. We can also assist with a custom colour or a colour match to your favourite appliance.

What if I have a specific colour in mind?

If you have a specific colour in mind from either the Resene or Dulux range, we can easily produce a match and let you see it on a glass sample. We provide one free sample per order.

Can I match the splashback colour to my wall colour?

Because we can work with any Resene or Dulux colour we can paint your splashback the same colour as the walls. Bear in mind however that with the high gloss glass and matt walls they never look exactly the same. Of course we can do a sample of your wall colour so you can view it on the glass and decide if the colour will work.

How do I choose a colour for my splashback?

The best way to choose a colour is to view samples in the space they’ll occupy. At the time of your site measure we bring our extensive range of colours to your place, so you can explore different options. You are also welcome to come into our showroom and view larger samples with a view to taking them home on loan so you can see what works.

Click here to view our advice on how to select a colour.

Does the glass type affect the colour of the splashback?

There are two different types of glass typically used for splashbacks, clear float glass (generally found in exterior windows) and low iron glass (glass that has undergone an extra process to remove the iron content which gives clear float glass a green tinge). For light and neutral colours or if you a want the true Resene or Dulux colour you need to use the low iron glass which is more optically clear. If you are using a darker colour then you can select clear float glass. Still not sure? If you tell us the name of your colour we can look it up and give you a recommendation.

Where can I view your colour samples?

You are welcome to visit our showroom to view a comprehensive range of colours and different glass types – printed patterns and images, mirrored, antique mirror, matt finish and textured glass. We also bring colour samples to site at the time of measure so this is another opportunity to view our colours.

For the address and showroom hours please click here.


Pricing, Quotes, Measuring & Installation

How do I get a price for a splashback?

In the first instance we ask that you send either your kitchen elevation plans, a rough sketch showing the heights and lengths of the panels and even a photograph of the area. From this we will be able to give you a quote subject to site measure. Click Request a Quote now to submit your request.

When should I be looking to get my splashback measured?

To get the best fit we recommend undertaking a splashback measure once the following items are installed:

  • benchtop
  • rangehood
  • powerpoints
  • overhead cupboards and/or on bench pantry
  • window architraves

What site preparation is required prior to getting my splashback measured?

Anything that could affect the measurements of the glass needs to be done prior to measuring. This generally includes:

  • benchtop installed
  • rangehood installed
  • powerpoints installed
  • all cabinetry installed eg: overhead cupboards, on bench pantry
  • window architraves
  • painting

How long does it take to get a splashback?

Once we have done a site measure and received your deposit, it will be up to 10 working days for a painted glass splashback. Some of our other products have a longer leadtime. Please feel free to discuss this with our helpful office staff or with your measurer on site.

How long does it take to install a splashback?

It really depends on the number of panels and powerpoints. Generally between 20 – 40 minutes depending on the complexity.

How do you affix the splashback to the wall?

Our panels can be fixed with concealed fixings such as adhesives and tapes, or by a wide range of attractive stainless steel mechanical fixings, depending on your requirements.


Technical Details

Can I get my splashback any size I want?

Here at Image Glass we custom make our splashbacks to your required size and shape. The length of the glass can be up to 5000 mm, however the main consideration is whether the glass can be transported to site and what the access is like – glass does not bend!

How high should my splashback be?

Generally the glass goes up to the rangehood which is usually set on the wall between 700 – 800 mm off the benchtop. We can and do take the glass up to the ceiling if you would like the glass to be full height – please call or email the office to discuss site preparation that is required for this option.

Will I need a join in my splashback?

If you can send us some elevation plans of your kitchen we will be able to indicate if a join will be required. Joins are generally required where the glass is a long and skinny (less than 100mm) strip.

I have a Plug/Powerpoint where I want my splashback.

This isn't a problem as we will be able to allow for these at the time of measure. The plug cut-out must be a minimum of 30mm from any given edge of the splashback or any other plug.

Do I need toughened glass?

If you have a gas hob, yes, it is required by law. Generally we toughen if there are any power point cutouts or notches in the glass or as function of size (the bigger the panels the more likely it is we will toughen for safety). Our Measurer will be sure to advise you of any requirements while he is on site or you can discuss this with any of our helpful office staff.

What thickness of glass will be used?

For splashbacks we generally use 5mm thick glass but there are other thicknesses available, depending on individual requirements.

Can you put a glass splashback over the top of tiles?

It is possible however it doesn’t always provide the best result.

Can you remove my current glass splashback?

If you give us the dimensions and a photograph of the area, we can provide a quote to remove your current glass splashback. While all care is taken, some damage to walls and adjacent cabinetry is possible. Image Glass is not responsible for any repair or remedial work required and this may include needing to repair cabinetry and replace gib and refinish the wall.



Will my painted splashback be backed up by a guarantee?

After careful measurement and precise computer-controlled glass cutting and finishing, we apply our specially formulated paint system in a purpose-built spray booth. By maintaining direct quality control over the entire process, we can offer you an exceptional finish and the reassurance of a 20-year guarantee against delamination and fading on all residential installations.

Will my printed splashback be backed up by a guarantee?

Using special primers and advanced print technology, we bond high-quality ink directly to the glass and lock it in with our proven back-coating system. That’s why our printed glass images come with a 5-year guarantee against delamination and fading on all residential installations.

How do I clean my glass splashback?

We recommend that you clean your splashback with a generic window cleaning solution and a soft cloth.

What other products does Image Glass offer?

We also compliment the splashback service by quoting, supplying and installing frameless showers, painted shower panels, laundry splashback and mirrors. This is a great opportunity for you to consider other wet areas that may demand glass to keep your place looking great and easy to clean.