Tips for Selecting Colours You'll Love

Tips For Selecting Colours You'll Love

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Some people love working with colours and others find it a bit daunting. That’s why we’re here to help. We can’t choose your colour for you, but we can share our experience and offer tips  to help you select something you’ll love.

Vertical surfaces appear darker

Just like normal paint, splashback colours usually look a little darker on vertical surfaces like walls, especially if it is a low light area. If your painted glass will be under overhanging cupboards, this can make the colour seem a little darker as well.

Create space or add a cosy feel

Lighter colours tend to add a more spacious feel, which can be great in smaller or darker rooms. Dark and bold colours on the other hand can help wide open spaces to feel a little more cosy and intimate.

Lighting influences colour

Most colours, whether they’re on painted glass or not, will look a little different at different times of the day. Colours are also influenced by the level of lighting and the type of light source they’re reflecting. This can be particularly noticeable under rangehood lights, for example.

Choose from our unique range

We’ve created more than 70 unique Image Glass colours for you to choose from.  The range includes neutrals, brights and metallics giving you plenty of creative freedom.  You can view our colours already painted on glass in our showroom.

Bring your own colour

If you have a specific colour in mind from either the Resene or Dulux range, we can easily produce a match and let you see it on a glass sample.

Try samples at your place

The best way to choose a colour is to view samples in the space they’ll occupy.  At the time of your site measure we bring our extensive range of colours to your place, so you can explore different options.  And if you decide to go ahead with Image Glass painted glass, but you’re still not sure on the colour, we’re happy to leave some samples behind so you can take your time. We want you to be 100% happy with your beautiful painted glass.

Peace of mind

We maintain direct quality control over the entire process, from measurement and computer-controlled cutting to painting and installation. That’s why we can offer you an exceptional finish and the reassurance of a 20-year guarantee against delamination and faulty workmanship on all residential installations.

We’re ready to help.