Decorative Metal Coated Glass Splashback

Decorative Metal Coated Glass Splashback

This month we showcase our first glass splashback using a textured metal finish from the Metalier range.

What is Metalier?

Metalier is a decorative metal coating that can be applied to almost anything.  By combining these two components - glass and liquid metal - we can provide the beauty and durability of metal with the speed and simplicity of glass.


Why put Metalier on glass?

By using liquid metal coatings, we can create a range of splashback finishes to match any interior design or theme. From stunning bright brass, dark dusty copper to gunmetal silver and champagne gold, there is a colour and texture for the most innovative of designs.

See below for some examples or come in to our showroom to take a look at the possibilities that a liquid metal coating can provide.


How does Metalier perform as a splashback?

Metalier offers the same durable properties of a glass splashback, including waterproof and UV resistant finish, resistance to knocks and thermal stress and free of cracking and peeling.

The splashback in this Remuera kitchen using the black copper sandscript has been in place since December 2017 and was looking picture perfect almost a year later.


Contact us to discuss your ideas for using Metalier to enhance your kitchen or interior spaces.