Inspiration for Art Deco Splashback

Inspiration for Art Deco Splashback

This month Image Glass talks to Shane George from Kitchens by Design about his inspiration for a kitchen designed for an Auckland home.

What was the brief for this kitchen and were there any challenges had to be overcome to achieve the overall result?

The brief was to create a kitchen that that was in keeping with the existing style of the home but with current materials and technology.  Improved storage, timber finish and a more open feel was also requested.

There were a few challenges, the timber post you can see had to remain, a low finished height for the wall cupboards was wanted, reducing available storage, and the existing slate floor had to remain.

The benchtop had to fit around the post, while at the same time form the base for the window behind the sink and also the cooktop required a downdraft extractor and ducting to the outside.


What was the inspiration for the pattern on the sandblasted doors and splashback?

The inspiration came from the art deco pattern on glass that already existed in the home.  It is on internal doors, some windows and was also in three cabinet doors that were kept from the original kitchen. 

We had to make a new glass pane for the lift up cupboard door.  Image Glass were able to copy and sandblast the pattern in reverse so it created a feature pane and a screen that kept the appliances from view. 

How was the metallic pattern on the glass created?

Carrying the art deco pattern through to the splashback required some thought.  Initially we wanted to print, however the four colour printing process does not reproduce a metallic finish.

Image Glass came up with a two step process utilising a film that allowed them to paint the metallic pattern onto the glass.  Once dry, the film was removed and the white applied to create a backdrop to the pattern.

The overall effect is stunning and the client was thrilled.

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