Inspiration from the Auckland Home Show 2016

Inspiration from the Auckland
Home Show 2016

Take a look at some of the glass we had on display ...

Rebecca Banks - Inside Vision

metalic finish

This Inside Vision kitchen was inspired by recent trends incorporating metallic design into interiors.

On display was Image Glass 'Lunar' - this stunning product achieves a metallic finish by antiquing on matt glass.  It gives an  organic, unstructured feel while achieving a subtle sophistication.

metallic finish

Sarah Burrows Design
Manufactured by La Bella Kitchens


Sarah Burrows drew inspiration from her travels, using darker tones, metallic touches, and an array of textures. The featured lighting on the island enhances the strong horizontal lines.

Image Glass helped to create texture by supplying Cotswold glass doors seen here in Resene 'Good as Gold'.

Creative Kitchens

printed glass

Contrasting materials and colours create a defining and eye-catching kitchen.

Printed glass creates a 'window' effect using sepia tones.  The moody antique effect on a grey float provides a dramatic contrast to the white benchtop.


Kitchen Studio


Fun and fresh describes this modern, white kitchen.

Cotswold in Resene Green Smoke adds a touch of spring.


Image Glass is here to help you create a unique and customised design for your kitchen projects. Request a quote today.