Antique Mirror Glass Art

Antique Mirror Glass Art

This handcrafted and bespoke process creates individual pieces of decorative glass that can be used for more than just splashbacks. Cabinetry, hallways, partitions & staircases are just the beginning.

Check out the recent projects we have worked on below.

Antique mirrored glass

The above photograph shows four panels of antique mirror used as a piece of art creating a feature wall to decorate a villa hallway. The antiquing was requested by our customer to be heavy around the edges with very little showing in the centre of each panel.  

Consider antique mirrored glass as a design tool that comes in clear float (pictured above), grey or bronze. Fitted to cabinetry backs or within architectural details, antique mirror provides texture, depth and interest.

Below is a front reception desk that we worked on using bronze antique mirror panels.

antique mirrored glass

Antique mirror is versatile and Image Glass can help you create more than just splashbacks.

Think feature walls in either commercial and residential settings possibly with a bevel-cut deco feel or a unique geometric statement.

Below is an apartment entrance that we created at the request of a designer for her client. This was an exacting project as the tolerance request was for a 1.5mm gap around each antique 'tile'.  

The end result is a montage of clear float antique 'tiles' that creates a stunning feature wall.

antique mirrored glass