Inspiration for Glass-Fronted Cabinetry

Inspiration for Glass-Fronted Cabinetry

This month Image Glass talks to Lynn Plom from Lynn Plom Design about her inspiration for a kitchen she designed for this townhouse kitchen.

What was the brief for this kitchen and what challenges had to be overcome to achieve the overall result?

This kitchen was part of a whole house renovation for down-sizing empty nesters wanting an interesting, timeless kitchen that wasn't white. 

By removing a wall and changing the direction of the internal stairs the kitchen was able to be extended into what was the dining space.

The wall above bench height was also removed and laser cut metal screens were designed and installed creating an interesting feature and  connection between the kitchen to the living space and allowing views to the sea.

Glass cabinetry

What made you choose glass for the cabinet fronts?

Matt finish glass was chosen for good looks and durability - it is so easy to wipe down and they still look fantastic a year after they were installed.

The low iron, matt finish glass meant that there was no limits as to what colour we could have. This allowed a colour to be selected that toned with and enhanced the blue-grey veining in the benchtop.

To ensure the colour was right Image Glass prepared a sample and made up the batch of paint for the job eliminating variability between the sample and production of the glass fronts.

glass cabinets

How did the glass enhance the look of the kitchen? 

The bold granite for the bench top was the starting point for the colour scheme and Oak veneer was chosen to complement other oak elements in the home including the open stair treads and handrails so I was able to choose a colour that complemented these finishes. 

The Resene Seachange colour chosen to back paint the glass on the base units works well with the granite and oak and also the homes seaside location. 

Glass was also used in the wall colour (Resene Alabaster) as a splashback above bench on sink and screen elevations for easy clean up without competing with the other colours and finishes.

Glass cabinets

Tip: Glass isn't just for splashbacks.

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